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Why You Should Boost Your Immunity

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Hello everyone! It feels really great to be writing after such a long time. I’ve been really busy in something new that’s coming soon, and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it! Moving on. Today I’m going to talk to you guys about our immunity, and why it’s so important.

During the winter season, I feel like all of us get super forgetful and lazy, which means we don’t eat properly or get enough rest. This causes strain on our body and results in the body not being able to battle the cold like it should. Since we’re now starting a new year, this article will give you a few tips on the best way to support your immune system, so that you can be fit in 2018.

1. Eat a healthy diet:

You should keep 5 principle supplements in mind:

  • Vitamin A – Eating enough Vitamin A is basic as it keeps the membranes of the nose and throat solid, because they protect microorganisms from getting in. If you want to achieve your daily intake of Vitamin A, have a large potato, or a bunch of spinach.

potato  spinach-leaves.jpg

  • Vitamin B6 – This vitamin makes antibodies which ward off infections. Fish, lean meat and poultry are great sources of vitamin B6, as well as chickpeas which are extremely rich in B6. To obtain your daily intake, have a tin of chickpeas or a chicken breast fillet.

fish-safe-to-eat  chickpeas.jpg

  • Vitamin C – It is an antioxidant and has been appeared to lessen the duration and severity of a cold. You can get your daily allowance by having some strawberries and other great sources like kiwi, broccoli, and melons.

smoothies-with-strawberries-by-Green-Blender.jpg  04-zs-kiwi_99-ab.jpg

  • Vitamin E – It is a fat soluble vitamin and an antioxidant which helps in the immune system. Eggs, nuts, and green vegetables can be good sources.

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  • Zinc – It is a basic mineral required for wound healing and also appears to diminish the frequency, and duration of a cold. Good sources are meat, shellfish, milk, dairy products and bread.

Milk_glass.jpg  white-bread-51-600-600x400.jpg

2. Take Vitamin D:

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is effective in helping cells that fight infection. A large portion of our Vitamin D is obtained from sunlight and is found easily in fish, eggs and fortified milk.

3. Take multivitamins daily:

If you take multivitamins daily, it will not only help strengthen your immunity, but will also help you reach the required nutrient intake as well as fight off infections. Multivitamins contain multiple vitamins which all serve their own purpose in immunity, and they taste better than tablets too!

4. Exercise

Exercise is beneficial for our immunity because just a few rounds of exercise every week can decrease the frequency of colds. It strengthens your immune system in the way that your body is ready than ever to battle infections and sickness.

5. Sleep

When you are sleeping, your body is resting and recovering. Lack of sleep can hinder your immunity and make you powerless against diseases like colds. Getting proper rest also keeps your weight balanced, which is key to staying healthy.

I really hope you find all these tips helpful – on the off chance that you have any tips, I would love to read about them in the comments down below!

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