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Wasim Badami by Hemani Store Launch Peshawar – Event and Reviews!

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Hey people! Hope you all are good and enjoying the winter holidays just like me 🙂 About two weeks ago, I went to the launch of the Wasim Badami by Hemani store in Peshawar and it was great, to say the least. When we reached, the staff that was present, guided us and introduced us to their products and the store. They had a complete range of skin care, hair care, body products, organic products and also herbal products displayed.

Wasim Badami came there for the inauguration of the store, which is located in Jawad Towers, Peshawar. It was an amazing chance for all of us bloggers to meet Wasim Badami and also capture the products that they had. Wasim Badami himself loved the energetic crowd and stated that he did not expect such an amazing response from the people of Peshawar. We also received goodie bags containing a few products from their store, which I will review down below! Overall, we were treated like royalty and it was a great opportunity.


This is what we received in our goodie bags:



  • Advance Whitening Black Seed Face Wash by Hemani
  • Stevia Sugar-free Chocolate
  • WB by Hemani Keychain
  • Rose Water by Hemani
  • Naturistic Hand Elixir by Hemani

Lets talk about the chocolate first. It was a sugar-free chocolate bar, which I found great for people who love sugary food but are also health-conscious. I care a great deal about my fitness nowadays, so I loved it.

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They also gave us a keychain that says Wasim Badami by Hemani in black. How cool is that? I find it very handy as I can keep all my different keys organised with it.


The Hand Elixir is my favorite product out of all of them. It is absolutely amazing because it is meant for dry, rough and damaged hands such as mine. In winters, I face this problem and this elixir worked wonders for me. I’ve been using it since a couple of days and I apply it every night before going to bed. It makes my hands soft, smooth and prevents dryness. I love how it’s so easy to apply because of the dropper!


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Next, is the Rose Water by Hemani. I think this is my favorite product. I use it as a primer before applying makeup and it really does give freshness to the face. Its really beneficial as it contains moisturizing and freshening qualities which are great for the face. It is a completely natural product which is why I love using it.


Lastly, the Advance Whitening Black Seed face wash. To be really honest with you guys, I do NOT like products that claim to whiten your skin or face. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way and you do not need to be fair to be pretty. I have a wheat-ish complexion and I love it. Love yourself girls! I tried this face wash on my face, and yes, it did work really well in cleaning out my pores and removing dirt, but I will not advertise it’s whitening aspect.

25659634_947634632056479_4535105564270356293_n  25994727_947634638723145_1966213179812745399_n

And that’s all guys. I think WB by Hemani is a pretty amazing brand with really effective products. You all should definitely visit the store and try out their products. They also offer national as well as international delivery of products to your doorstep. So for those who cannot stop by, at least do check them out online. If you’ve tried any of their products, do let me know! 🙂

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