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Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss & Temptation Fragrance Mists – Review

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Hi guys. The products I’m going to review today are Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mists namely Aqua Kiss and Temptation. My cousin had some of the Victoria’s Secret Fragrance mists and when I smelled them, they were divine. So I decided to try out two of them as well.


First of all, the packaging for both mists is a transparent, plastic bottle that has a golden cap surrounded by another transparent plastic outer cap which grips the bottle pretty well and is tight. That’s a good factor because you can just throw it into your handbag without having to worry about it leaking out everywhere. It’s not fancy packaging, but looks pretty decent and stylish. It’s a big bottle, about 250 ml, which means the quantity is a lot.


Secondly, the fragrance of both mists are heavenly. They have a very light and cool scent which is really refreshing. The Aqua Kiss mist smells extremely cool, aquatic and is a beautiful fragrance for summer or spring. On the other hand, the Temptation fragrance mist smells like fresh berries and flowers which totally gets you feeling more energetic. Also, the mists are very long-lasting, and I’m afraid I can’t say the same for any of the other brands that I use. If I spray it on in the morning, it’ll stay on me all day long. I am in complete LOVE with the scents of both mists.


As for the price, one 250 ml fragrance mist costs around $12, which is Rs. 1200. I think the price is pretty affordable for everyone, considering it IS Victoria’s Secret :p It’s available on the Victoria’s Secret website online, so you can purchase it from there if you want.


Overall, I don’t think the Victoria’s Secret fragrance mists have any negative aspects. I love absolutely everything about them; the scent, the long-lasting effect, the packaging, and the fact that such a large quantity costs only $12. The slight problem you might have is purchasing them, as they can not be found in Pakistan (with the exception of online shops), but then again you’ll only need to buy them once in a few months as the quantity is amazing.

I would rate these mists as excellent and I adore them. If you guys have them or tried them, do let me know what you think!


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