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The Body Shop Olive Collection – Review

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Hi guys! Today I’ll be reviewing The Olive Collection by The Body Shop for you as promised. I got this set as a gift on my birthday that just passed by recently and ever since then I haven’t put it down. I’m obsessed with the scent and everything else! I LOVED the packaging of the gift set! The items came in a square olive green colored box which was wrapped with a ribbon that had a bow at the front. And I love how the box has a cute phrase “good things inside” printed on the front ☺️


The set contains:


  • Green loofah
  • Olive Soap
  • Olive Shower Gel
  • Olive Body Butter
  • Olive Body Scrub


Olive Shower Gel

First, let’s talk about the Shower Gel. The Gel comes in a transparent bottle with a black, matte flip-open lid which I find really stylish. I love the olive green color of the gel, although it is clear as well. The consistency is medium; not too thick and not too runny and it comes out easily through the pump.  The scent is just to die for! What attracts me the most is the fresh scent with a hint of olive. I sometimes open the lid of the bottle and smell it for not reason at all! Even though the smell doesn’t stay for long, I still love showering with it. I like pouring some g onto the loofah and then scrubbing it onto my skin. My skins gets super refreshed with it and doesn’t dry out.

Olive Soap

I did not like the packaging of the soap as such. It has a paper-y wrapper which you tear open and then the soap is ready to use. That makes a bit of an issue when you want to take the soap with you during travelling. But, I do agree that the packaging of the soap is simple and attractive which does make it look amazing.

The soap is an olive coloured, oval shaped bar that has a curve to it at the center which prevents the soap from slipping. The scent is very mild and refreshing, something I love to start my mornings with. It creates a lot of lather and enough during bathing that can be rinsed off easily. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy, instead cleans your skin properly and does not dry it out at all.

Olive Body Scrub

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The scrub comes in a small tub that has olives on the front and to be very honest, that tempts me even more towards it. It has an amazing smell of olives but this time, with a bit of an oily scent that makes it soothing and calming. It is very mild so it is good for all skin types. It leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean and also scrubs all the dirt off your skin. It is not harsh on your skin at all, instead leaves it soft and smooth.

Olive Body Butter

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This also comes in a small tub. It has a light green color and smells really nice. It acts as a moisturizer for your skin and keeps your skin hydrated for quite a few hours. I have started using this at night before I sleep and also after I shower and the condition of my skin has increased rapidly. It stays on your skin for a long time and has a really fresh scent.


The loofah is great! It is a small one so it easily fits into my hand and I can get a good grip on it. I love using it to scrub over my skin.

As for the price, I am not sure as I got this set as a gift, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find it online or at your nearest The Body Shop store. If you want, you can get these products individually as well.

Have you used this set or any of these products? If so, let me know how you guys liked it.

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