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The Biggest Food and Music Festival of KPK is here!

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Hey guys! Guess what? I have really exciting news for all you foodies and music lovers! Peshawar Food Diaries (the largest food group of KPK) is hosting an amazing food festival called 7up Fiesta on the 9th and 10th of December, 2017, sponsored by Pepsico. ‘Cultural Night’ will take place on the first day, whereas a bonfire and concert will be held on the second day. Here are some of the interesting events that will be taking place for your entertainment:

  • Cultural Night

The Cultural Night will be themed on everything related to the different cultures of Pakistan. There will be different cultural food stalls such as Painda, Mantu, Kabli Pulao, Kashmiri Chai, Charsadday Chawal, Mardan Pairay and more! Sounds pretty mouthwatering, right? To even make it better, there are going to be cultural dances, some of which are Khattak dance, Shinwari dance, Attan etc.

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  • Bonfire

A bonfire will be held with lots of music and singing and food!

  • Themed Food Courts

There is going to be a food selection among many choices and different varieties of food will be present. Homemade food, branded food, cultural food as well as organic food is going to be available! Organic food will be completely hygienic and a healthy choice for all the health-conscious people out there.

  • Full-time Live Background Music

Just so the event doesn’t bore you all, there will be full-time background music so you all can enjoy to the fullest!

  • Concert

The event will feature concerts of different singers like Badnaam Band and Sawaal Band on 9th December, and Abdullah Qureshi on 10th December! So stay tuned and you all will definitely be surprised!

  • Kids Area

For all those who decide to bring kids or children, there is good news! There will be a Kids Area so the children can engage themselves while you enjoy.

So, for all those who are interested, keep the dates in mind! The event will be held at Phase 6 Hayatabad Food Street, Peshawar. See you all there!

For booking stalls, contact:

Wahaj Anees – 03162366666

Umair Rahim – 03119363888

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