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Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk – Review

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One of the most important things for me in my skincare routine is having my face cleansed well, and more than ever after taking off makeup. The phrase on the bottle ‘melts away makeup’ was so captivating and a bonus for me was the peachy bit. A part of me also wanted to get it because it was THE Soap and Glory and everyone else had really praised it.

Anyway, I’ve been using Peaches and Clean since a few weeks, and ever since then I mostly stopped using my makeup remover even. This wonderful product helps make your skin softer and more radiant due to the honey and almond oil it contains. It is one of the best makeup removers and face cleansers I have used.

I haven’t really tried out many of the Soap & Glory products, but this cleanser really caught my eye with the promise of melting away makeup.


Firstly, it comes in a bottle with a pump, which I love (as mentioned before too, I’m a sucker for good packaging) because it easily comes out into your palm without making too much of a ¬†mess. Only 2 pumps of the product is needed to wash your face.


I love the smell of the cleanser which is beautiful – just like peaches. It’s easy to apply with just 2 pumps rubbed onto the face. It lathers into a very soapy film which you can feel is actually lifting off all the dirt and makeup from your skin. It cleans your face perfectly and leaves it fresh. One thing to be careful about is using it near or on your eyes. It really burns when applying it over the eyes or under the eyes.


Overall, I really like the product, but I really feel like Soap & Glory is a bit overrated. It works really well as a cleanser and makeup remover, but it burns your eyes too. I have started using another face wash as well and keep alternating between the two, which is treating my skin quite well. It isn’t so WOW but makes a pretty nice addition to your skincare routine.

It usually costs around Rs. 1200, but since I got my one online, it cost me a bit extra. The price is cheap and affordable, so a lot of people can avail it.

That’s all for now. I’d love to know what you guys think about it, so please do tell.

Until next time.

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