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Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy is set under some terms to provide better services to those who are concerned about their privacy and personal information. Personally Identifiable information (PII) under US privacy law is information that can be used to identify or locate a particular individual, this information can be used automatically without any permission. Kindly read the content below to know how we use, collect or deal with your personal information in correspondence to our website.

Content Policy

Everything on this blog, whether it be writing or photos, belong to me. But if not, it will be mentioned.


You can contact me if you want me to sponsor or feature your product through my blog. I will be happy to do it according to my experience.

What and why we collect?

Whenever you subscribe or register to our site, you will be asked for your essential particulars like name, email address or some minor details. This is appropriate as these details are necessary in order to convey our readers with daily updates and other important things.

User Information Protection

We do not support vulnerability scanning by any means, neither use an SSL Certificate for digital binding over cryptographic keys.


Cookies make possible the interaction between server holding page and a web browser. They are used to recognize your browser and fetch some minor necessary information.

We use Cookies to store certain information from you and your site in order to remember your priorities based on your last visits to our site.

You may choose to disable Cookies which you have the option in your browser. But by doing so you may lack some of our services.

Third Party Disclosure

We do not disclose any of your personal information to a third party until and unless they have set particular term of their privacy policy and is strict enough to prevent any incident which may affect us or you anyhow.


Google’s advertisement requirements can be concluded from principles of Google advertising. They are compiled together for a better impact on the users. Google uses the DART Cookie which enables it to serve ads on our site for our user’s benefit and getting know.

However, you may choose not to see any ads and opt out of it for the time you visit our site and read.

In addition, we also understand and work under the following important acts.

CalOPPA(California Online Privacy Protection Act)

COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)

CANSPAM Act (you may retrieve your email address and other particulars back anytime and it will automatically be retrieved from elsewhere)