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My Go-To Makeup Brushes!

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Brushes are such a BIG part of makeup and their existence or absence can cause a tremendous amount of difference in the quality of your final makeup look. I personally love my makeup brushes. I got a whole set of Morphe brushes recently and ever since then, I have fallen in love with them. I remember when I was a makeup newbie, I didn’t have any brushes and I would just use those small eyeshadow applicators. But now, when I’ve actually started to use proper makeup brushes, I can see what a huge difference it creates in your look and that is brilliant. The quality and type of brushes matter a lot.

So today I’m going to be telling you guys about my makeup brushes that I use in my daily routine and they are the ones I absolutely cannot live without.

Foundation Brush

There are two types of foundation brushes i.e the flat foundation brush and the stippling foundation brush.


Morphe-2BBrushes-2BRose-2BGold-2BBrush-2BSet-2BReview-2B-2-  images

I like to use another kind of brush to apply foundation, which is also called a bronzer brush and it looks like this:

22528568_913179038835372_1572760524473363588_n  22489772_913179022168707_3838147705976378078_n

According to me, there is no hard and fast rule in makeup so you can use whatever suits you wherever you want. I absolutely prefer using this brush rather than any other foundation brush or a beauty blender because it evenly distributes the foundation and buffs it out amazingly.

Powder Brush

22519295_913178958835380_9068655150619235508_n.jpg  22552711_913178928835383_3525879715395097452_n

This is a pointed foundation brush similar to a flat foundation brush, but pointed. I use this to apply powder on my under-eye area after I’m done applying concealer. I also use it to bake my face and it helps me create a sharp contour line. A powder brush is essential for me because I use it to set my foundation, concealer and also bake my face, but it also helps give me a matte and fair look after all the tanning the bronzer/contour does to my face.

Blusher Brush

Alright, so there can be two types of blusher brushes i.e round blusher brush and an angled blusher brush.

download  22449995_913178988835377_1136865691687022698_n

The more firm the bristles of the blusher brush are, the more product it will apply.

I personally don’t like using the angled blush brush, so I use the smaller version of a powder brush which looks like:

22540059_913178912168718_156809565377484035_n  22490160_913178882168721_5336368715382431040_n

I like this brush for blush because it is the right size for the apples of my cheeks and doesn’t spread the blush too much over my face.

Contour Brush

Like blusher brushes, contour brushes can also be round or angled.

Morphe Rose Gold Brushes Review - R14 01.jpg  Morphe-Cosmetics-E16-Pro-Angled-Contour-Brush-1500x1500_600x

I like using the angled blusher brush in my set for contouring my face. I simply add the contour with a stick and then blend it out with this angled brush:

22449995_913178988835377_1136865691687022698_n  22491632_913178968835379_1150953974217997625_n

The angle of this brush makes it so easy for me to buff my contour and blend it out, giving it a really perfect finish.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

22490026_913178848835391_6105457979732441521_n.jpg  22490089_913178672168742_8769438968813068533_n

I use this to pick up eyeshadow and apply as well as blend it out in the crease of my eye. I love how it blends out all the harsh lines that are formed by applying eyeshadow. The key to a smooth eye look is flawless blending.

I use these brushes basically all the time and I totally love them. They are vegan brushes and quite soft and easy to use. If any of you wants to start practicing makeup or is a beginner, I would recommend using a few brushes like these to learn. Practice does make perfect and that’s how I’m here today. So don’t give up and just keep trying, that’s how you’ll learn. I hope this article was helpful for you guys, especially all those who want to learn.

Note: I got this brush set online from Morphe, for about $50, which is pretty good.

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