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Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation – Review

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It is a fact that all of us girls want to look beautiful and flawless. It’s quite easy for those who have perfect skin but for those of us who face skin problems on a daily basis and have spots or blemishes, it can be quite overwhelming. One of my latest obsessions is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation which not only makes you look absolutely flawless in the camera, but also in real life. It was one of the foundations on my to-try list and now that I have, I am so satisfied. So before I start talking about the reasons why this foundation is a must-have, let me tell you what the foundation claims:

The Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation is a natural-looking, oil-free, medium coverage foundation which was developed to create a flawless complexion under the new lenses in the TV and film industry. Those lenses increase the clarity of the person on camera, and also display the imperfections or flaws at a great intensity. And so, this foundation claims to hide those imperfections so you can look perfect on camera.


There are 40 shades in the Ultra HD Foundation, which makes it a bit difficult to choose, but the shade chart can make that job easier for you. The skin tones are split into 4 categories: the light ones are in the 200’s, medium ones are in the 300’s, tan ones are in the 400’s and the dark ones are in the 500’s. After deciding the skin color, you have to decide whether you have yellow or red undertones. The red undertone foundation shades will have an “R” before the 3 digit number and the yellow undertone foundation shades will have a “Y”. My shade is 120=Y245 meaning I have a medium colored, yellow-based undertone.


The packaging of the foundation is fairly okay. It comes in a plastic, transparent bottle that has a pump and a plastic lid. As for the texture of the foundation, it is quite liquid and runny, which makes it easier to apply. You only need a little quantity of the product for your whole face and I loved the feeling it gave to my face. I’ve figured the best way to get it into your skin and more blended is to use a foundation brush, as compared to a beauty blender or any other applicator. The stippling brush is most effective as it buffs the foundation into the skin and gives a better, natural-looking finish


This foundation is amazing for oily skin, such as mine and I like to set my foundation with a setting powder to make it last longer. The finish that it gives is beautiful, because it makes your skin appear flawless and radiant.  As for the coverage, it is a medium coverage foundation, but if you apply a layer or two, it can be built up to a full coverage. It appears very natural, and feels very light on the skin too.


The lasting power of this foundation is okay, but I would highly recommend the use of a primer before applying it to give it a longer lasting effect. Since this foundation is water-based, I would suggest getting a compatible primer and not silicon-based primers because they will cause patches and breaking up of the foundation.


This foundation cost me $43 which is equal to Rs. 4600, and although it is a bit more expensive than other foundations, you should keep in mind that it is a high-end makeup product and is definitely worth all the hype and the pricing. I got mine from Sephora and you can also get it from there or the Make Up For Ever store.

My experience with the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation was totally amazing and I’m in love with it. I adore how lightweight it feels, the coverage, and the finish. I can ensure all of you that it is worth all the hype and I will be using it again.

If you guys have used it, do let me know what you thought about it!

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