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Launch of VR9D at Galactic Space – Bloggers Meet and Greet

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Hey guys! So, I know it’s been pretty long since my last blog post, BUT I am back and I have a lot to share with you guys! If you happen to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, you’d know about the Virtual Reality 9D ride launch that has been much awaited. Yesterday, I was invited to the launch event of VR9D at Galactic Space, Peshawar, where there was a Meet and Greet for bloggers and Hi-Tea. The event was organised by Triangle PR team.


The event was all about the new virtual reality 9D rides, and it was amazing. All bloggers were free to try out the ride for the first time. My experience was mind-blowing. I loved the ride and it really gave me such a huge adrenaline rush. I tried the roller coaster ride, and it actually made me feel like I was in a roller coaster! The virtual reality was just perfect and I think everyone should try it out. The ride costs just Rs. 400/- so it is pretty feasible for everyone.


As a plus, there was a demonstration of STEM Education. For those of you who don’t know, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education for children aged 7-17 years. Children learn Math and Science concepts by coming up with creative solutions to real world problems. They are taught many different activities such as programming robots, designing electronic circuits, making functional models of human organs and models of the solar system. The demonstration that was displayed at the event were of different robots which children are taught how to make through programming.


Another great feature that was being launched were the Virtual Reality games for children like Bear Baby, Devil Battle, Exploration and Animal Hero.


There was also Hi-Tea which was pretty amazing. I enjoyed all the food! 😀 The place was decorated really beautifully, with lots of balloons and decorative pieces. The environment was really great and comfortable. Everything was very well arranged. Hats off to Qadeer Khan, the owner of Galactic Space, for introducing this ride and bringing it to Peshawar. Also to Triangle PR team, Zahra Azam and Jawad Khan, for inviting me, and making sure that everyone and every thing is well taken care of.

Here are some other pictures from the event:











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