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Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette (Rose Gold Edition) – Swatches and Review

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Today’s post is going to be about the very famous and popular Rose Gold Palette by Huda Beauty. To be very honest with you guys, I bought this palette when I was a newbie to makeup and I didn’t have the slightest bit of an idea about anything. It so luckily happened that this palette was newly released back then and I heard a lot of good things about it which led me to try it out.

A review is all about being honest with your opinion, and I have to tell you guys, I completely ADORE this palette. It’s my go-to palette and I rarely use any other one. There have been mixed reviews about this product, mostly regarding the packaging, but let me tell you guys why I love it.


The palette comes in a black, cardboard case including the Huda Beauty signature eyes. It’s a very lightweight package and has a transparent, plastic, flip-open cover. I’m okay with the appearance of the palette but it would’ve been better with a more luxurious type of look, similar to some of the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes which are also made of cardboard.



This palette has got all the colors I use most, in my daily makeup routine. I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it, and also use it for contouring, highlighting as well as my eyebrows. The colors are very versatile and there are so many looks you can do with it.

The palette has very warm-toned shades with different reds and pinks. It could be ideal for someone who uses bright colors and loves shiny or pigmented shades, but on the other hand, it could be a bit devastating for people who prefer subtle or dull shades. Hence, the mixed reviews.


In total, this palette contains 18 shades. It’s difficult to find an eye-shadow palette in which you love all the colors but this is such a palette for me. There are three different types of eye shade finishes in the palette:

1. Textured or Foiled Shadows

There are 6 textured shadows that are dense, foil pressed pigments. These are really creamy and pigmented and are applied best with your fingers. They give a really gorgeous look to the eyes.

2. Pressed Shadows

There are 2 pressed pearl shadows in the palette. They are also creamy and have a fine shimmer to them, are pigmented and easily blended. I sometimes use these as highlighters or on the tear duct areas of my eyes.

3. Matte Shadows

These shadows are not powdery at all and are very fine, velvety shadows. There is definitely no fall-out of the shadows. They look amazing when worn on the eyes and swatching them on your hands doesn’t do them justice.

All the shades are beautiful and highly pigmented. I usually start working with the less intense colors and build my way up to the more intense ones. Also, the best way to apply the textured shadows is with your fingers. If not, another way I use them is to take a flat shader brush and spray the Prep ‘n’ Prime by MAC on it and then apply onto your eyelids.


Overall, I am absolutely in LOVE with this palette and use it regularly. I bought it for Rs. 8500, and although it is very costly, I don’t regret buying it because I get my money’s worth out of it.

Swatches of the Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition

These are the swatches of the shadows on my arm, with and without flash.

22046605_904108686409074_2030743263682848960_n  22007435_904092509744025_2232294853776569997_n

Dubai is a gorgeous greenish-greyish textured shadow, containing fine particles of glitter.

Fling is a metallic cranberry textured shadow, also containing small particles of glitter.

24K is a yellowish-golden textured shadow, but it contains bigger particles of glitter than Dubai and Fling.

Rose Gold is a rose gold textured shadow, with big particles of glitter like 24K.

Trust Fund is a metallic copper textured shadow, similar to 24K and Rose Gold, that have big particles of glitter.

#Blessed is a bronze textured shadow, that has fine glitter.

22007875_904108696409073_1087013215364913860_n  22046682_904092626410680_1251183148560410312_n

Angelic is a very light pink, pressed pearl shadow that has fine shimmers.

Moon Dust is a champagne, pressed pearl shadow. I love using this to highlight my inner corners.

22008034_904108709742405_6998077963822605065_n  22089162_904092699744006_6026603562888332862_n.jpg

Bossy is a brownish-maroonish matte shadow.

Flamingo is a bright pink matte shadow.

Shy is a rose-y matte shadow.

Bae is a very light yellowish matte shadow. I like using this on my brow bone to highlight.

Black Truffle is a completely black matte shadow and it was difficult to swatch but it looks amazing on the eye.

Suede is a greyish-brownish matte shadow.

Coco is a chocolate brown matte shadow. I use this in almost all my eye looks, usually in the crease as a transition shade.

Maneater is a very deep red matte shadow.

Henna is a warm reddish-brownish matte shadow, almost like the color of real henna.

Sandalwood is a yellowish-brownish matte shadow.

And that’s basically it, guys. What do you think of this palette? Let me know in the comments below!

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