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Everything You Need to Know about the Prynt Pocket

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Hello once again. Today I’ve got a very interesting product for you all, something many people might have seen trending on social media nowadays. It’s called the Prynt Pocket. Read on to know everything about it.

It is a fact that everyone loves their smartphone, and more importantly, the pictures on it. In my case, most of my photos are taken with my iPhone and I only use my DSLR to take high-quality photos during events or special occasions. Most of the pictures on my phone stay either in the camera roll or on social media but unfortunately, none of them are shared. There are so many Polaroid cameras being used nowadays which instantly print out your picture for you right after taking them and the Prynt Pocket does exactly that. It is a printer made for Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Although it has not yet been developed for other phones, it is soon coming to Android phones.


Unboxing the Prynt Pocket

The box includes:

  • Prynt Pocket
  • Prynt paper cartridge
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Zink Sticker Paper pack of 10 sheets
  • Micro USB cable

The Prynt Pocket

The Prynt company sells the Prynt Case and the Prynt Pocket. The Prynt Case is an older version whereas Prynt Pocket is newer and more compressed. It’s available in different colors such as cool grey, lavender, mint green and graphite, which I own. The printer has been made in such a way that it has an easy-to-grip and hold texture which makes taking photos more easier. One of the sides is shaped for your hand to hold it and also contains a lanyard.


When you print a photo, it comes out from a slot located at the bottom edge of the printer. This area also has a charging port and an LED charging status light.


The top part of the printer is the main part – this is where you attach your phone using the lightning connector. It is able to accommodate different sized iPhones by pressing down on the square button and sliding open the slot.

One thing you should be careful about is your phone cover or case. You might need to remove your phone’s casing so that it fits into the printer. When I first tried using the Prynt Pocket, I couldn’t fit my phone into it without taking off my phone cover, which was a thick hard back cover made of plastic.

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What I love about the Prynt Pocket is that it doesn’t use ink like a normal printer does, but instead it uses Zink thermal printer paper. So, instead of refilling it with ink, all you have to do is just load more paper into the cartridge, and you’re good to go. This paper is compatible with both Prynt Case and Prynt Pocket.


Cartridge loaded with paper and blue smartsheet

The Prynt Pocket box already contains a pack of 10 paper sheets as well as a blue smart sheet that is inserted into the cartridge along with the paper. Having the blue smartsheet inside is good because it clears out all the dust particles inside the printer before your photos start printing. If you want clear and good quality photos, consider using the smartsheet every time you insert a fresh pack of paper.


When I purchased my Prynt Pocket from Amazon, I also ordered a separate pack of 40 sheets paper. The Zink paper can also be used as a sticker once the picture is printed onto it, which makes it even more fun to use! You can decorate your diary, journal, planner or scrapbook with your memories and also share them with your loved ones.

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Once you load the cartridge with paper, you have to insert the cartridge into the slot on top of the Prynt Pocket. You can see how, in the photos above. The tiny detail I think is a bit improper is that once the cartridge is fully inserted into the slot, it sticks out halfway. Some people just want their existing pictures printed for which it isn’t that big of an issue, but if you want to use the Prynt Pocket to take photos and grip your phone, then it might be a bit dangerous.


Cartridge fitted into the Prynt Pocket

To print pictures, you’ll need to download the Prynt app on your iPhone, create an account and login (you can also login with your Facebook account to make it easier). When you turn on the app, you just need to select a photo, either from your phone or capture a new one. The app can edit your photo before printing and also add text to it. When it’s ready to print, all you need to do is press the print button and your picture will print in just a few seconds.

I would rate the quality of the photos as medium and not too good, but it’s pretty great for a device that can print just about anything. Also, there is another feature of the Pocket in which you can record a video and print it as a photo, then later view the video embedded inside by holding it under the app scanner. This is very fun and helpful if you want to save memories to view later on, in the future.

As for the price, I purchased mine for $149.99 which is not very cheap, BUT I think it’s a great accessory to your phone, and good for the people who actually use printed photos.

This was my opinion of the popular Prynt Pocket. Can’t wait to see what you guys think! Let me know 🙂

Until next time.



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