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Craze of NARS Super Pigmented Blushers!

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NARS is an amazing brand that is known for its blushers. I purchased a blusher from NARS and haven’t been disappointed, in fact, I’m loving it! I love the shade I got, which is Amour and it is the most ideal for all skin colors. I think it is one of the best that NARS brings to the table.


The color is just lovely, so profoundly pigmented, and the blends of shine or matte are essentially all that you need to get the ideal flush!


Amour is a light matte peachy-pink shade. Some people say it’s similar to Orgasm but without the shine, however I don’t agree. It appears to be more pink than Orgasm.


The surface is incredible, extremely smooth and blends beautifully. Matte is an amazing choice for oily skin! I love the fine silky powder pigmentation that influences my skin to make it look smooth and truly healthy.


This is an exceptionally normal shade that can be worn every day, only if you don’t go too extreme with it. Like all NARS blushers, it is truly pigmented, so a light hand is recommended while applying. I think this is the ideal blusher when you are going for a substantial smokey eye and need to keep the rest of the face basic.

I got mine for around Rs. 3000 or so, and am totally obsessed with it! Have you tried these? If so, which are your favorites? Do let me know!

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