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Best Birthday Yet!

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Hi people! It was my birthday on Tuesday, the 24th of October and like I said on my Instagram, I’m posting the details for you guys! Okay, so it was a surprise for me from my really good friends whom I loveeeeee to bits! I had the impression that we were going out for lunch and when we got there, I was shook. Everything looked great (including me haha).

We went to the newly opened cafe+restaurant called Hunger Lounge as we had heard pretty good things about it. They had a separate private room for official and private events and it was all decorated with balloons, ribbons and grace paper. Although it was pretty simple, I loved how the decor looked. The lighting was perfect and the music was really light, which I liked.

As soon as we sat down, the waiter arrived with the surprise cake! I have a habit of smiling and laughing a lot when I’m shy or nervous, so as you can imagine, that’s exactly what I was doing. It was a Coca Cola themed chocolate cake (I love Coke) which I found so CUTE.


As for the birthday present it was my most favorite part of the evening. I got a really cute ‘The Body Shop’ gift set in the ‘Olive Collection’, which had come all the way from America 😀 Thank you for this, best friend!


The food we had in the restaurant was amazing. I ordered a Chicken Mushroom Steak which had sauteed vegetables and fries as the sides. I loved the taste and will try more of their dishes soon!


I would rate the place a total 5 stars because everything about it was really good. The manager and waiters were really nice people who arranged everything in a really beautiful way and provided us with everything we needed. The interior of the place was one of my favorite things about the restaurant. The food was extroardinary. I will definitely go there again.

Also, I wore a shirt which I got from Sapphire and it’s absolutely gorgeous!


I found the CUTEST hair band online at Sapphire too and it was a perfect fit for my special day (I think they made it just for me tbh).


I went home later to find a birthday gift from my parents and I loved it because it was something I had been wanting since ages: an aquarium!

So that was basically all of it guys. My birthday spent with the best people on the planet! I’m so blessed to have the best Alhamdulilah! I loved everything and I hope you guys liked it too. Let me know what you thought in the comments!

Note: You can get the shirt and hairband online here.

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