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Beauty blender vs. Silicon Sponge

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It is a MUST to keep up with all the new beauty trends and products, especially if you are a makeup lover or artist. One such trending product is the new Silicon Sponge also known as Silisponge. There are many brands and companies that are now selling Silisponges. I have waited since forever to get my hands on one, and now I finally have. So I tried it recently to see what all the hype is about and how it really compares to the very famous Beautyblender sponge. The results were quite surprising and totally opposite to my expectations.




Alright, so the Silisponge DOES work, but there are pros and cons to every product. Today I’ll be telling you guys what exactly I thought about the Silisponge, as well as the upsides and downsides to both of them.

Appearance and Texture:

The silisponge has a really soft and comfortable texture, but you really do have to be careful while using it so it doesn’t tear. It also has a very neutral smell, something the Beautyblender lacks. The Beautyblender is a soft spongy ball, which can be squeezed and used from any side but the Silisponge is meant to be used on one side.

Makeup Conservation:

It is true that the Beautyblender has an amazing way of applying foundation or concealer, but a downside is that it absorbs most of the makeup itself. On the other hand, the Silisponge may not be so efficient at blending, but does save A LOT of product. Foundations and concealers don’t come cheap, as we all know, and this attribute of the Silisponge is quite economical.


When I first used the Silisponge, it was a bit difficult because I didn’t know how to hold it properly while using, and also how to apply product. So, in case you all are wondering, the correct way to use the Silisponge is to first apply your product all over your face in circular motions. Then you blend it all by tapping the sponge on your face, like you would with a Beautyblender. It was hard for me to reach corners like the area underneath my eyes, for which I used the edge of the Silisponge, and then also my finger.


What I absolutely LOVE about the Silisponge is how easy it is to clean. You can just wipe the product off, either with a tissue or towel. You can also just wash the remaining product off which will only take a few seconds. The Beautyblender takes a good 5-10 minutes to properly clean, whereas the Silisponge takes just a few seconds.



As you all may or may not know, a Beautyblender costs around $20, and the Silisponge cost me around $5. The Silisponge is definitely more cheaper and works amazingly.




Overall, I do love the Silisponge but I do not think it blends as well as the Beautyblender. After using the Silisponge, I did have to go over my makeup with the Beautyblender. It is most likely that I will be using both sponges but alternatively.

This is what I thought about the Silisponge. If you guys have tried it out, do let me know, and tell me which sponge you guys prefer.






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