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15 Beauty Hacks Every Makeup Addict Should Know

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Hi everyone. Today I’m here with some hacks for you all. These are my personal favorites, so if you’d like to know what they are, then please keep reading.

1. Cheap Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove

So we all know that there are those amazing cleaning brush pads. But they can be kind of expensive. So, for this hack, all you’ll need is a silicone oven mitten and it’ll do the exact same thing. You can get these really cheap, for about a dollar or two and you’re going to save yourself up a lot of money.



2. Multi-masking

This hack is all about multi-masking. You know when your skin wants one of those pick-me-ups but you’re kind of like “Which mask do I go with?” So, for this, what you should do is, mix your masks. You can put a moisturizing mask on the areas where your skin is feeling a little bit dry, you can use a clarifying clay mask where you feel like you’ve got any breakouts and you can even use specific eye masks underneath your eyes. So your skin is getting the benefits of every single mask, but you’re using and customizing them all depending on your face and skin.



3. Pencil to Gel Eyeliner

You know when you’ve got that eyeliner pencil which looks great when you swatch it on your hand but as soon as you try and get that onto your waterline, its like non-existent? It doesn’t even show up. So, for this, you need to be careful and get a lighter or a match and just poke your eyeliner nib into it for like 1 second. Then, you blow on it to make sure its nice and cool and afterwards, you can see just how intense that eyeliner has become, almost like a gel eyeliner. When you put it onto your waterlines, it’s not going to only be super pigmented, but its going to last you a heck of a long time and you’re definitely going to get a lot out of your pencil eyeliners.



4. Turn any Lipstick Matte

This hack is probably the hack that I use the most often and that’s turning any lipstick into a matte lipstick. You know when you’ve got that color that you really like but you want to make it matte? Grab some translucent setting powder and just put that on top of your lipstick. You have to make sure that you work in thin layers and once you’re happy with the outcome, just give your lips a good press and voila! You have turned your favorite lipstick into a matte one.



5. DIY Brow Gel

Sometimes when I don’t have brow gel, I use mascara instead. All you have to do is make sure your mascara wand isn’t too fat and chunky, and you just go ahead and brush it very lightly through your eyebrow hairs. An extra step you can take is to go through them with a spooley as well just so that there is even product distributed on my eyebrows which makes them stay put all day.



 6. Natural Makeup Remover

We all know that makeup removal can be so annoying, but this hack is; using something in your kitchen and that is coconut oil. So, this is basically one of the best makeup removers out there because its natural, its very moisturizing on the skin, and I kid you not, this coconut oil removes the stubbornest makeup that you can possibly think of. And yes, waterproof mascara, I’m talking to you. This stuff is literally amazing. It melts off your makeup, its natural, its cheap and it does wonders for your skin.



7. Heated Eyelash Curler

This hack is something that’s going to make your eyelash curl last a heck of a longer time. So, for this, what you’ll need is your eyelash curlers and your hair dryer. Simply use your hair dryer to heat up your eyelash curlers and you need to also make sure that it’s not too hot. A great way to check it is to check it on your wrist, and then you just go ahead and start curling your lashes. This is basically going to act as kind of curling tongs but for your eyelashes. Then go straight in with your mascara until you’re happy with the way they’re looking and you’re going to have amazing looking eyelashes. Super curly and super long lasting after this.



8. Forgot Your Blush?

We’ve all had those days where we’ve forgotten some sort of makeup especially blush and it super sucks. For this hack, what you’ll need is a lipstick, and then simply just put a little bit of this onto your fingers and start dabbing it onto your cheeks. You can build the color up as much as you want or you can change the color of your lipstick. Another way of applying this is also with a brush. You can dab it directly onto the bullet of the lipstick and apply it onto your cheeks and you’ve got a beautiful, luminous, glowing blush to your cheek.



9. Quick Nail Polish Fix

This hack is all about how to save your nail polish. We’ve all been there where we’re trying to paint our nails and we get it all over our cuticles. It’s not a good look and I’ve definitely contemplated redoing the whole nail or getting some cotton pads to clean it up. What you actually should do, is tip some nail polish remover onto the lid of the bottle, grab a makeup brush and simply use that brush to clean away any kind of edges where you may have messed up your nail polish. It saves a lot of time and your nails are left looking like they’ve been perfectly manicured.



10. Longer Lasting Perfume

The last hack is how to make your perfume last a lot longer. We’ve all got that favorite perfume but to make it last longer you need to actually spray it onto your wrists, but making sure you don’t rub them together. Then you also need to get behind your ears, (I know this sounds really weird) but also the inside of your elbows. Oh, and not forgetting, behind your knees. It sounds really weird but it definitely works.



Aaaand this, you guys is the end. Let me know if you’d like to see more hack posts and I will see you all in my next one.


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